Vector 1850Mt

The patented all-electric technology used in the VECTOR 1850Mt° provides the ultimate solution for multi temperature transport needs.

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The patented all-electric technology not only provides ultimate performance but also eliminates a large number of the serviceable parts used in conventional systems. The generated efficiency increases your bottom-line whilst also reducing environmental impact. With high performance AC evaporator fans, the all-electric technology allows for one compartment to be cooling at the same time another compartment is defrosting. Precise temperature control can be maintained to protect your valuable cargo. This is the Eco-responsibility concept by Carrier.

Cold Chain respect

– Unparalleled pulldown & temperature control

– Unrivalled multi-temperature experience

– Complete range of traceability solutions

Care for environment

– Low engine emissions

– Fully sealed semi-hermetic compressor

– No vulnerable compressor shaft seal

– Unparalleled refrigerant containment

– High component recyclability (94%)

Cost of ownership

– Exceptional fuel reduction (EcoFuel function)

– Maximum uptime

– Elimination of belts, clutches & shaft seal

– High residual value



2,050 x 430 x 2,227 mm


Road/Standby: 955 kg


5,600 m3/h


9 Standard configurations available. Other configurations may be available upon request