Vector 1850

The VECTOR 1850 combines unmatched refrigeration capacity and proven reliablity, together with a drastic reduction in fuel consumption.

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The patented all-electric technology not only provides ultimate performance but also eliminates a large number of the serviceable parts used in conventional systems. The generated efficiency increases your bottom-line whilst also reducing environmental impact. This is the Eco-responsibility concept by Carrier.

Cold Chain respect

– Unparalleled pulldown & temperature control

– Unrivalled multi-temperature experience

– Complete range of traceability solutions

Care for environment

– Low engine emissions

– Fully sealed semi-hermetic compressor

– No vulnerable compressor shaft seal

– Unparalleled refrigerant containment

– High component recyclability (94%)

Cost of ownership

– Exceptional fuel reduction (EcoFuel function)

– Maximum uptime

– Elimination of belts, clutches & shaft seal

– High residual value



2,050 x 430 x 2,227 mm


Road/Standby: 930 kg

Refrigeration capacity (0 °C / + 30 °C):

Road: 18,000 W Standby: 14,400 W

Refrigeration capacity (-20 °C / + 30 °C):

Road: 9,600 W Standby: 9,200 W


5,600 m3/h


Electric standby
LED light bar
Tail lift battery charger
Fuel filter with water separator
Underbellly or front wall fuel tanks
Rear control panel
DataCOLD® temperature recorder