Supra 950 Multi-temp

Supra 950 Mt is the unmatched solution for multi-temperature vehicles which demand high capacity, high airflow, and fast recovery after frequent deliveries.

Slimline evaporators offer the most optimized loading configurations and minimum the risk of damage.

Heavy-duty, high-displacement engine and compressor run slower for longer life and lower operating costs.

Superior cooling capacity and airflow offers faster temperature recoveries when delivery routes require frequent door openings.

Carrier Transicold’s exclusive electric heat design produces instant heat and faster defrosts.

Option of the exclusive dual-discharge evaporator design offers complete loading flexibility.

HFC R404A refrigerant
1,1 litre Tri-Vortex diesel engine
05G 6-cylinder compressor
Standby motor
Remote plug
Low-noise sound control kit
Automatic hot gas / electric heating and defrost system
Manual defrost
Directly accessible oil gauge
Moisture indicator
Two sight glasses to monitor refrigerant level
Dry air, fuel and oil filters
50-amp 12V alternator
220 V generator
Accessory package (electric fuel pump,fuel lines, battery cables)
EasyCOLD® Microprocessor control system


1,823 x 856 x 644 mm

Body Opening

1,245 x 350 mm


466 kg (Silent model)

Refrigeration capacity (0 °C / + 30 °C)

Road 7,810 W Standby 6,360 W

Refrigeration capacity (-20 °C / + 30 °C)

Road 4,910 W Standby 4,270 W


2,500 m3/h


Battery box
Bypass oil filter
Fuel heater
Top debris protection grille
Supply-air control
Host system door shutdown switch
Water and electric heat systems
Synthetic engine oil
DataLink™ data recorder